Sunday, September 04, 2011

New and To Stay??

This is the fifth attempt at keeping this blog alive since dunno when. Let's try to stick to my passion - books & the environment and pray to God that I'll be consistent.

With new template on the go (after spending a few hours tweaking here and there), let's hope that I really love the look to keep up with the updates. I do hope so because this will be a platform for me to promote my online bookstore!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May Day! May Day! May Day!

I am currently not well for the past two weeks until now, hence the quiet-no-news-or-updates. Will be very busy trying to catch up with all the downtime caused. Read more here.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sound Trouble!

Testing... testing... 1, 2, 3.... haa?? Apa dia?

Urgh... Nak burp... sakit
Nak menguap.... sakit
Baring mengiring sebelah kanan.... sakit
Sujud masa solat.... sakit
Mandi... slow2. Kalau tak... sakit
Setiap kali nak solat, kena cuci dulu & sumbat dengan kapas supaya nanah tak keluar & membatalkan solat.... adussss sakit!
Ubat setiap 8 jam, tapi by 6th hours, udah mula.... sakit
Lepas makan ubat, kena tido, kalau tak drug tak berkesan & jawabnya? Sakit!
Kadang-kadang berjalan pon terhuyung-hayang, pegi kerja tak drive keta. Takut membahayakan orang lain.

I'm having an ear infection on the right ear. Doc said ada jerawat & dah bernanah... Subhanallah... Ya Rabb.... andai ini ujian untuk meluluhkan segala dosa-dosaku, aku redha... Berikan aku kekuatan untuk mengharungnya. Amiiin.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I got this urge to write down my feelings & thoughts sometimes. And most of the time posting it on FB is not appropriate. Since a few days back a friend of mine who had just viewed this blog said that it is an awesome blog, I've decided to jump-start this blog again (for the 4th? time).

What I have in mind now is about experiment. Trigerred by an awesome lunch of pizzas and deli wing (leftovers from last night dinner at Pizza Hut), reheated in Tupperware's CrystalWave bowl in a microwave, I was thinking of $$$ that I can save if I cook things for lunch. No driving back home, no need to tapau food, sit at the office enjoying food while reading the newspapers online.

Then, the train of thoughts carried me to nutrition and freshness of the home-made food. Then to freshness of veges reheated in microwave oven. And finally to googling recipes for 'cooking vegetables in microwave' as a solution to freshness VS time using office oven.

All of these reminded me of a long buried memories of writing an experiment log book. Yeah... I'm THAT nerd as to have an experiment log book of my own apart from the science lab experiment log book. Hehehe... It was a 100-pages B4 sized book that was covered in blue sugar paper and plastic wrapped. The binding was decorated with a leftover Japanese wrapping paper in beige with rainbows on it. Pity I don't have a picture of it.

Currently thinking of documenting any experiments I have in mind in that kind of book.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Suk Sabai Thai Spa at Village @Enstek

Still feeling slightly sore from the massage that I underwent yesterday... Sigh... For RM50 it was really worth it! God willing the one week long muscle strain at my right shoulder & neck had vanished altogether. The only thing left is a newly found muscle tension on the left shoulder. Probably coz I lifted a 5kg Dynamo without using any cart at Alamanda Carrefour right after the massage!

Regret that one..

Back to the massage, that was the first time I've ever been to a Thai massage parlor. They use a very unique technique where the masseur was using all of her body & muscle to massage. Pushing, pulling & pressing.

Before I go further, I think I should describe Suk Sabai. Owned by a couple of Malay-Thai muslims the small spa had been operated for about 10 months in Bandar Enstek at an area called "Village" which is actually a rows of shoplots there. The spa is situated next to a clinic & a restaurant (someone told me that the Tomyam at this restaurant is not bad).

Upon entering the spa, you'll need to take off your shoes, there's a waiting bench as well as a row of chairs for foot massage. You'll be asked to sit at a small corner to wash off the grimes & dust at the feet. This will be done by the staff. Your feet will be massaged with somekind of scrub (I forgot to ask).

For a full body massage, you'll be asked to changed into their 100% cotton t-shirt (can say T-shirt Pagoda la!) and a traditional Thai baggy pants. Then the massage will begin...

In my case, it started with both my feet, legs up to the joints. She pressed both my hip joints for about 20 seconds slightly after starting & right before she finished the leg massage. I'm guessing it's to check the blood flowrate coz usually for a healthy person it should be pumping quite steadily.

Then it comes to the hands & then she'll ask you to turn over (initially you'll start with lying down). This is where the really painful part came by (well at least in my case). The back massage started okay, comparing it to when she massaged my leg near the thigh, I thought that was nothing... then when she started the neck & shoulder, it was really painful!! Almost got me peeing there. Haha!! No wonder Hafiz's sister cried during the foot massage :p

It was like feeling someone, grabbing... no, grabbing is a handful thing, lesser pain when you're grabbing. It's like pinching the veins at the neck, then pulling it. Yeoooowwwww!!!! And all nearly about 5-6 veins all along both right & left side of the neck. Sheesshhh I thought she's going to pinch my carotid veins. I was really sure I'm dying yesterday :p

But it was good altogether. Worth my RM50. I just wished that I wasn't feeling so heroic that I lifted the heavy bottle of detergen. Huhuu now I think I strained my left shoulder.. Sigh... Another trip to Suk Sabai soon. Hehehehe

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Work oh Work...

I've been feeling... resentful towards my job lately. Not good. Am I being choosy? At the bottom of world recession right now, having problems at work is not good. *Sigh*

I am awake at 3 am tonight and couldn't stop thinking of work, what's outstanding, what's bugging me (all those very irritating people at work) & try to rationalize the job hunting I've been starting... well, it should be "the job hunting I haven't stop since F&NCC".

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

On your mark, get set... SHOOT!!

Photographers alert!!! I just had a great morning waking up early & watching Malaysia Hari Ini (mimpi baeeekkk punya malam tadi ;p) & there was a segment on FRIM's photography contest 2009!

For info please check it out here.

So let out all those dusty lenses and bring along. Let's go there this 14th February 2009!! (uh? What? Valentine's Day? Eh u ni hidup zaman apa nak Valentine's Valentine's nih? So what? Heheheh)